Sexing up your writing #3

This installment is for slightly more advanced writers. I will take the space and delve into two issues: adverbs and showing. Get rid of adverbs You probably have heard this once (or twice, or many times) before. As writers, we feel the urge to litter our writing with adverbs. They showcase our tremendously resourced lexicon … Continue reading Sexing up your writing #3


About that drink (or lack thereof)

Duy's Journal: It's Day 20. My throat is parched, my hands weak, my knees shaking. Biting my bottom lip, I wipe away humongous beads of sweat dripping down my temples. My skin feels cold. I check the clock - It's only a couple of minutes past noon. I think I see my ancestors' ghosts, chiding … Continue reading About that drink (or lack thereof)

Mein kampf

Confession time: The title is pure clickbait. This piece contains no actual Nazis. Nor figurative ones, for that matter. "Mmmm, this is good. I think this is actually good. You outdid yourself this time." "Are you sure? I think it's just about average. Anyone could have written that." "Yeah man, I am sure. You've got … Continue reading Mein kampf